03/03/2008 Version 0.1 (initial release)

 - colors fully customizable through a skin.ini file
 - month view
 - days with appointments are marked with small triangles (also recurring appointments)
 - detailed view of the appointments
 - you can navigate between months and years per gestures
 - supports d-pad input

 03/09/2008 Version 0.4

 - a lot of features added, e.g.:

  • add/delete/view tasks/appointments
  • different background images for portrait/landscape can be used
  • use own or original WM taskbar
  • sliding speed for calendar sliding configurable
  • multiple language support
  • date and time format taken from device's locale settings
  • week number
  • toggle task state (complete/not complete)
  • many small fixes
  • .....

 03/10/2008 Version 0.4

 - fixed a problem with cab installer that caused wm2003 devices to deny installation
 - another fix to the cab file, now it should install on all 2003/wm5/wm6 devices

 03/15/2008 Version 0.4.7

 - changed the date format for restricing appointments and tasks in hope that less users will have problems with not showing appointments
 - many minor bug fixes
 - faster animations
 - tap on upper right corner (if not with windows taskbar) minimizes the app (in 0.4 it closed the app)
 - contextmenu now disappears when the user taps outside its area, therefore the "cancel" option doesn't exist anymore
 ... other things that slipped my mind ...


03/25/2008 Version 0.5
 - tasks/appointments editable
 - configuration menu (language/skin/taskbar/week no. configurable)
 - some speed improvements
 - added many features to day view (you can now slide to the prev/next day)
 - minor bug fixes
 - days of next and prev month now visible in month view
 - multi day appointment now clickable also between start and end
 - Please notice: There are some differences between 0.4x and 0.5x language and skin files.
   Would be cool if you could provide the new language files again. ;-)
 ... other things that slipped my mind ... see yourself!


03/26/2008 Version 0.5.1

 - fixed the problem of wrong positioned bottom menu bar when "Show Windows TaskBar" is enabled


07/22/2008 Version 1.0.6

 - because of the big time consumption for developing ThumbCal and some other reasons I decided to go commercially with it.
 - many new features, improvements and fixes

07/30/2008 Version 1.0.7

- fixed font problems in the info dialog on some devices
- fixed the problems with default calendar/default tasks app on non german devices

09/09/2008 Version 1.1.0

- Unlock/license key now depends on PPC's owner name
- Installer now lets you install ThumbCal everywhere (not only in main memory)
- Reminders for tasks
- Reminder options are now taken from the system settings ( Start/Settings/Sounds & Notifications -> Reminders)
- Improved the relayouting on screen rotation
- fixed the bug when creating/modifying a recurring allday event were not able to save
- appointment/task details in detail view moved into the scrollable text box (better especially at long subjects)
- added the possibility to set/change the Busystatus property for an appointment
- reminders now settable as "on the time" ( immediately )
- added a wqvga skin variant of the diamond skin (eg for Samsung Omnia users)
- date and time in appointment modify dialog now changeable seperately
- italian and french language file now included in setup
- some other fixes

09/11/2008 Version 1.1.2

- now shows the location of appointment in detail view
- fixed a bug when "Hide Complete Tasks" was set
- sliding from day to day in day view is faster and smoother
- fixed a bug in registration algorithm

11/15/2008 Version 1.2.0

- improved the speed for accessing appointments/tasks (much faster handling now!)
- improved the graphics engine: now proper support for all screen resolutions (QVGA,VGA,WQVGA,WVGA)
- added the outlook property "Importance/Priority" to the tasks properties
- added a time scale to the day views and week view
- added a "delete" botton to the detail view
- the tasks list now shows all tasks ordered by their state and due date
- the check boxes for tasks state are now clickable in every screen to change the state (complete/uncomplete)
- added a context menu to all text input fields for cut/copy/paste functionality
- added the option to increase/decrease the global font size for better reading comfort
- added the option to show/hide the appointment start time in week view before the subject
- week view list now scrolls max. one week (up/down)
- the day names abbreviations are now overridable per language file
- the day name colors are overridable for each single week day seperately for month view and week view
- better system integration (default calendar / tasks application)
- other little fixes and improvements

11/17/2008 Version 1.2.1

- fixed the Omnia Keypad/Phonepad problem

11/18/2008 Version 1.2.2

- fixed a problem in handling of recurring appointments

11/18/2008 Version 1.2.4

- less memory consumption

11/20/2008 Version 1.2.5

- faster week view scrolling when background image present
- ThumbCal stores locations that were added and offers them in a list for faster input
- simple templates for appointment/task subjects that will be offered in a list for faster input
  (a template supports one placeholder for the text selection; e.g.: "Wash [...] car" -> the "[...]" becomes selected
  and can be overwritten quickly)
- category filter now also works in the tasks list


05/01/2009 Version 1.3.0

- Introduced a split view that consists of a month calendar and a small list of all events on the selected day
- Birthdays and anniversaries from contacts DB are now shown (in day view also with contact's picture)
- Multiple categories can be set as filter
- You can assign a color for each category that will be shown as small round markers and/or colored text
- Editor for stored locations and subject templates (each single line represents one entry)
- The text field which displays item's notices now parses the notice for email addresses, URLs and phone numbers and creates clickable links to directly make a phone call, browse or write an email.
- Bottom menu bar now has four buttons that are represented with icons. (these icons and also the menu bar height are customizable - I will go into details for that later...)
- in day view, month view and week view a long tap on the bottom right button opens a popup for quick switching to the desired viewmode
- added an agenda view which lists all events from today until the next 4 weeks
- The list of tasks can be sorted according to subject, due date, priority, state through clicking on the list header
- scrolling behaviour in week view has changed according to month view scrolling and is endless scrollable now
- added the option to beam an event (via infrared/bluetooth but this depends on device's hardware configuration)
- recurring appointments are now handled more correctly.
- You have the option to delete/modify the whole series or only a single item.
- You have the option to set the number of occurences or an recurrnce pattern end date
- You can add attendees to an appointment and notfy them on cancellation/changement/new appointments
- The subject and notice text fields have a context menu that allows to quickly insert any contact data from phone book and stored locations
- in month view, week view and day view a click on the date header opens a "goto date" popup for faster switching to a desired date
- new skins
- contains the following languages: English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Danish
- some more fixes and changes


05/02/2009 Version 1.3.1

- some fixes in translation engine
- added Russian language to the installer


05/03/2009 Version 1.3.2

- fixed a problem where ThumbCal occasionally crashed on pressing cancel button


05/06/2009 Version 1.3.4

- fixed some problems with TF3D
- added Spanish language to the installer
- cleaned up the messy language files and removed double entries; please consider the new format
- switching between view modes now configurable (month view->week view or month view->week view->agenda)
- the desired view mode is now configurable (month view, week view, agenda)
- the date picker for setting an event's start/end/due date now also shows markers in days with existing events
- brought back the option "close on minimize"
- added MoDaCo AppToDate support

05/09/2009 Version 1.3.5

- changed back a setting that made the initial startup slower with many appointments
- fixed a problem with the settings "default calendar" and "default tasks app" that made problems on some devices with opening outlook contacts
- week view now shows all event subjects again instead of just showing the event count (this is configurable now via registry key "WeekMaxEvents"


03/09/2010 Version 1.4.0

- better list scrolling
- search function
- advanced recurrence editor
- new date/time/time span picker wheels
- more filter options (you can now exclude one or more categories)
- more options for the visibility of tasks
- 5 buttons in the bottom menu bar for better navigation to the views
- option for strike out past events
- and many more improvements and fixes


03/11/2010 Version 1.4.1

- included following languages: Polish, French, Dutch, Russian
- fixed the problem with not selectable date when editing an exception of a recurrence series
- the auto start of search function can be configured with a registry value (HKCU/Software/ThumbApps/ThumbCal/SearchStartDelay -> it is a string value. With a value below 1 the search will not start automatically after typing a character. Values above 0 represent the delay in milli seconds.


04/09/2010 Version 1.4.2

Fixed problems:
- it was not possible to set up a new recurring event on every Nth day
- a new or modyfied multi day event was not displayed sometimes until the program was restarted
- some other small improvements and fixes

New features/improvements:
- automatic search start while typing the query can be enabled/disabled
- when hitting the OK button in search view the software input panel will be hidden
- in an event's notice field you can insert a link to to a local file that becomes a clickable link in detail view
- tasks can be sorted ascending/descending
- better icons for VGA/WVGA screens
- more languages
- in time picker wheel the minutes are now splitted into tenners and ones for quicker selection
- in week view if you click on the week number in the upper left edge, you can go to a week by selecting a week number


05/10/2010 Version 1.4.3

- Bug fixes and improvements